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The literary technique resolution is employed by writers to unfold or offer a solution to a predicament in a story. Resolution literary referred as denouement from French term denoue meaning to untie.

Resolution often works to solve a mystery that the readers try to figure out in a narrative. It is typically where the story ends. The question or mysteries arising from the beginning of the story are answered and explained during resolution.

It is a device that is common in all narrative and poems even when the author does not give the details to the reader.In some novels, resolution, and climax coincide. However, in most cases, resolution end the story. Given that it ends the story, this is the central point of the predicaments in the narrative. Resolution as a literary device has been employed by writers to cap up the story in a relaxing way to the reader.

In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Lord Montalue and Lord Cotalue in their final dialogue, both of them regret their long family enmity that results in Romeo and Juliet to commit suicide of love. To tragedy in their tribes, both family heads agree to end their long dispute.
In The Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare employs resolution where Florizel and Perdita to Sicily Polixenes. He and Leontes finally reconcile after Polixenes finds the identity of Paulina and at the end both families are happy. The Family reunion of Neontes later happens, and he realizes that Hermoin is alive.

J.D. Salinger in The Catcher uses resolution in the story at the end of the novel. While leaving in psychiatric, Holden, the protagonist regrets his actions. Through the resolution, Holden provides readers with future plans of his future life through a narrative. He lets readers are made aware that he will only go home, meet his parents and attend school only after a merry-go-round ride in Phoebe.

Resolution is common in many narratives. It is employed in all genres of literature to end the story. It is usually used to cap the story and is realized after the climax. It is always a relaxing moment for the writer after anxiety created by the climax. It calms the conflicts and centers the theme of the novel. Resolution resolves the problem in a likely significant way. It is what makes the story worthwhile. The literary device is a must-have in storytelling.

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